In our Graphic Design Program, Youth leaders will learn how to create and communicate messages, and design so many of the things we see every day. They will develop the skills and confidence to create things like flyers, logos, web graphics, and more.

​In our Culinary Arts Program, Youth Leaders will learn a variety of cooking skills in a fun atmosphere with other Youth Leaders who like to cook. By week’s end, they will know how to make food they will love to eat. In addition, Youth Leaders will learn about kitchen equipment, kitchen and food safety, hygiene, and terminology.


Our Dance instruction is to strengthen the confidence, poise, self-discipline, and creative skills in performance in Youth Leaders through the study of craft and technique. Helping to empower and express themselves through a healthy art form. Each meeting will consist of dance technique using isolation of the upper body and hips in a traditional format as well as learning how to layer movements of the upper and lower body simultaneously. All while in a safe and fun environment! 

Every Youth Leader will reap the benefits of yoga as they practice with Yogi Debra Brooks. Some of these benefits include: Increased flexibility, Increased muscle strength and tone, Improved respiration, energy, and vitality, Maintaining a balanced metabolism, Improved athletic performance, and Protection from injury.



Our Music Production and recording class will allow an opportunity for Youth Leaders to learn the basics of making music and recording vocals in the studio. They will also learn writing techniques and receive vocal training.  Youth Leaders’ gifts and talents will be cultivated through coaching and training and they will gain the skills and confidence necessary to share their music with others.



From the storyboard to the big screen, Youth Leaders will learn all the fundamentals of filmmaking in our Videography Program. They will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to produce their own movies that they can share with their families and friends. Youth Leaders will use high-end digital video cameras to produce their own short film while also learning production, directing, and camera skills.


Our Photography Program is ideal for any budding photographer. Youth Leaders will learn the elements of photography to capture the richness of reality, using smart phones, digital cameras, and SLR cameras. They will then discover how to enhance their photos through editing.